Maye-Williams Active™ is a 100% Black-owned activewear company, founded in 2018 by husband and wife duo Shaun and Mycah Maye-Williams. Their brand’s main mission is to offer high-quality and fun activewear to people who are often overlooked and under represented in the fitness space. Their apparel is created with the intention to represent different skin tones, genders, shapes, and sizes and for all people to feel amazing in their skin on their fitness journey. At Maye-Williams Active™, representation is key and we want go above and beyond to provide the best activewear experience on this journey of inclusion. Our Motto: #StayActive!


We founded our company THE MAYE-WILLIAMS CO. LLC in 2018, as a way to build our legacy as individuals, a couple, and a family. We did not know what project we wanted to start first, but we knew we wanted to make a difference! While researching mainstream activewear companies, we found that they lacked diversity and representation. Two years later, we got married in a civil ceremony in 2020. We had to cancel our large wedding ceremony due to COVID-19 but decided to do something with our time and a portion of our financial savings; this is when Maye-Williams Active™ came to life! “Athletics has always been very important to us.” — Shaun and Mycah Maye-Williams Shaun first touched a baseball in 10th grade. “I practiced and perfected my skills for countless hours, earned a baseball scholarship to Midland University in Fremont, NE. And became the first African-American pitcher in the school’s history.” — Shaun Maye-Williams Mycah was a gymnast growing up and went on to dance for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre for seven years, dancing in the Junior Level A Division. “We remain fitness enthusiasts to this day.” — Mycah Maye-Williams